November 20, 2010

I've finally found my shampoo

So after I went back to the drawing board I debated whether or not to continue using black soap, but then I found a product that contained other ingredients in addition to black soap.  What you see pictured above is Shea & Virgin Coconut Enriching Shampoo which contains black soap and other natural ingredients.   It's basically the shampoo version of my hair lotion (the pink bottle in the middle).  I thought, 'well, if this hair lotion works well on my hair and scalp, then the shampoo version of it should also' and it did!  No dry scalp and no residue either!  It just left my scalp clean and smelling great.  Before purchasing the 8oz. bottle, I wanted to try the 2oz. sample first to see if I would achieve a different result since using plain black soap.  Three days ago I used this shampoo and so far my scalp still feels clean and fresh.  I'll use it again the next time I wash my hair (just to be certain) and if the results are consistent then i'll purchase the 8oz. bottle.  I think i'm on my way to finding more natural products for my hair now which are also tolerable for my scalp.  Finally.

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