November 20, 2010

Video: I cut my locs - double dragons

Last month I decided to cut my double dragons after I weighed the pros and cons of keeping them until my 1 year mark (which would have been March 2011).  I cut about 90% of my dragons and didn't cut any of the ones in the back of my head, because those locks were already very thin, so I just two strand twisted them together to make one loc.  It's been 9 month since combining my locs and i'm so happy to have made this decision.  Tightening my locs is so much easier now and my roots are happy because i'm not forcing through two locs anymore or ripping strands of hair.

Can you tell the difference after cutting my 2HDs?  It doesn't look like I did much does it?  Well believe it or not this just goes to show how much hair I had on my head and how full it was.  It's still pretty thick, but at least I can feel the difference in volume and weight.  It's much less.

Why did I cut my locs?
1) They started to feel heavy (even at close to arm pit length)
2) I wanted to decrease the bulkiness
3) My new set is much longer now and I wanted the transition to be more fluid.

How did I cut my locs and which ones?
I determined which one of the two dragons was the sturdiest (strong, thick and consistent with the new set, etc.), then I snipped the weakest of the two right at the intersection.  I'm trying to create a consistency in the appearance and length of my locs.

The results: 
1) My head feels much lighter
2) My hair takes less time to dry
3) Styling is much easier now

What has changed?
1) I only use one towel to dry my locs and air dry the rest. (Before I used two towels and a blow dryer). I've chosen to stop using heat on my locs all together.
2) It's so much easier to create certain styles since I have fewer locs to work with
3) My volume is a little less, but at least I don't feel any weight.

I am very happy!! In my next post i'll post pics of my styled locs post the 2HD cut.


Gilda said...

As usual, your hair looks great Dewdrop. Lovely before and after!

Bebedee said...

Wow...there's enough locs in that pile to glue onto someone's head!!!!

Your hair post-clip looks great - I'm glad you're so pleased with the results.

Felicia said...

Looks as though you had a detailed grooming. Your locks are beautiful. Once again, I really appreciate the time that you take to share your journey(even in year 4!). You are truly my lock star! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

CorporateNapps said...

And they still look fabulous

Felicia said...

You seem so super happy and at peace with your locks!! It must be a nice place to be. You keep "doing you." I'm going to get there myself!!

dewdrop said...

Thanks for the encouragement ladies!

@Bebedee: LOL!

*Coop* said...

Dewdrop, I'd love to know more about how you cut your locs. I have combined several locs too, and I'm ready to cut off the dragons, but I don't know the best way to cut. Like, where did you cut yours -- right at the intersection? And how did you know which was right to keep and which one should be cut? I'm afraid of cutting the wrong thing and having the entire loc after the joining point fall off!

The knotty Truth said...

congrats! i does feel great doesnt it?!
congrats! there's freedom in cutting!

robinc said...

You're locs look beautiful! I saw the video and the style looks great. Your locs are getting so long. (A little loc envy...can you tell:)) I'm two years and 7 months in and my longest locks, just a few, are touching/just below my shoulder. Thanks for sharing you journey with us! peace&blessings~robinc

Kris said...

Dewdrop, your hair looks wonderful as always! I also combined all my locks as well, but I haven't not clipped by two head dragon and have rather just sewn a few of them together. Are you worried about a weak spot creating from where you snipped one of the heads off?

dewdrop said...

@Coop: Great question! I determined which one of the two dragons was the sturdiest (strong, thick and consistent with the new set, etc.), then I snipped the weakest of the two right at the intersection. I'm trying to create a consistency in the appearance and length of my locs.(I'll go back and mention this in my post).

@TKT: Yes it does! I'm so glad that I didn't wait until later to do this.

@Robinc: Thanks! Well, just remember that I started with 12 inches of hair when I had my locs installed, so that's why they are this length after nearly 4 years. Don't worry, yours will reach that length in no time.

@Kris: Thank you! This was a concern at first, so that's why I chose to keep the strongest lock and cut the weakest loc. I have a little unraveling where I snipped, but it's not that bad.

Allecia said...

It looks like a lot of hair in the first picture! But your hair looks great, with clearly less of it in the after pictures.

Kandgoods said...

I love your blogs. All posts are so informative and I love the pics! Plus I'm really loving the new look and hope to do this when mine are that length. Thank you for this! x

Anonymous said...

cute, cute, cute!!!!

CardioBunny said...

Thanks for posting this! I've been toying around with combining the SLs in the front half of my head for a while now because I would like less volume. Your pics were really helpful.