December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!  My roots are due for another re-tightening, and since my mini afro is puffing up i've been wearing a hair scarf/tie all week whenever I left the house.  The benefit of wearing a hair tie is that it will mask your new growth until it's time to latch again.  :-) Since i've been doing this all week I have now developed an interest in wearing more of them with my outfits.  I only have three so far (one blue, one blue-gray and this red one).  Maybe i'll go through my bag of fabrics and see which ones I could sew and wear as a hair tie.

Good news!  I spent an entire week clearing out my bedroom.  My room is rarely messy and I do not have much clutter, but I just needed to remove unnecessary items, unworn clothing and toss out old papers.  I gave away more than half of my belongings to friends, and there were some useful items I found to give as gifts.  The concept of living as a minimalist is quite appealing to me at the moment, and so i've adopted this idea.  I have so much space in my room now with very few items on my bookshelf and in my closet, and it feels so good to have less.

In other news, I bought an a.pple m.acbook (my first mac ever) and i'm so excited!  I've used a pc most of my life (typing on one now) but used a mac when I was an art student, so I kind of understand the navigation but it's been a few years.  If you could recommend great mac101 tutorials on how to use your mac then please list them.  My goal is really learn how to navigate well through my mac.  Thanks in 

By the way, remember how I was searching for a shampoo and found this black soap mix sample bottle at the store?  Well i'm happy to report that after one month of using the sample size, my scalp absolutely loves it since it doesn't cause inflammation or any others problems.  I purchased the large 8 fl oz. bottle and I will continue using this all natural free-trade product because it really is doing some wonderful things for my scalp and hair.  Finally!


Lakan said...

welcome to the mac family...really all you need to know is on their website.

this is how i learned after being a pc user all of my life.
they feature quick videos with a rundown of how to do certain things.
i found it very helpful.

this page will be your best friend. articles and video tutorials to help you navigate your way.

Leah said...

Hi Dewdrop, with your new Macbook you should have gotten a free tutorial at their Genius Bar. They teach you all sorts of things, from internet usage to using photoshop. Make sure you use the Genius Bar in the Apple store, that place is great!

Felicia said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you. Thanks for all of the natural hair information that you took time to share this past year and God Bless!!

Ms. Biijii said...

I got my mac this past fall and like you I am also in love! I caught on pretty quickly but what I didn't know could be found easily at

Btw I love your hair! Can't wait until mine grows to that length. Guess I have to get my locs first huh? I get them installed next week! Wish me luck. Hope you find a good tutorial on your mac.

B said...

Hope you had a great Christmas, lovely!! The hair is looking beautiful, as usual. And welcome back to the MacBook world. I wouldn't reside anywhere else. :) Happy New Year!

Afrolady said...

Happy Holidays!!!!!

Your hair looks AMAZING!! I hope and pray that you have a wonderful holiday season and a very prosperous new year!

Peace Lovie!!!

The knotty Truth said...

love my mac! i ws looking for a reason to upgrade to a macbook pro..went in after 4yrs with my macbook. battery was dieing. im out of warranty. they replaced the battery, my cracked top-NO CHARGE. Im a macer for life..all throughout the house: macs. any question you have, you get to go into the genius bar, it's a wonderful experience and worth the price of having continued support!(not edited).

dewdrop said...

Dear ladies,

Thank you SO MUCH for all the feedback and providing resources on how to use my mac. I'm excited about getting started and I will be sure to check out the site and the genius bar. The store was very packed the day I bought it, so I just had to run in to purchase the mac and run out.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all of you!

Ms. Biijii said...

Hey Dewdrop! I got my locs and I must say that even though it is only day 3 I am in love! Your blog has been such an inspiration that I have started my own. Feel free to drop by!

Ms. Biijii