February 22, 2011

Bun & Loc Thoughts

Last week I didn't know what to do with my locs which tells me that I really need to start experimenting with more styles.  I told myself that once I had reached this length then I would try new styles, but I haven't made many attempts.  Anyway,  my failed attempt to create a double bun (from Fuesha's tutorial) forced me to make a single bun instead because I had somewhere to go and ran out of time with trying to fix it.  Maybe i'll try again next time when I don't have a time constraint.  My bun looked so plain and I felt like it needed something more.  So I loosely wrapped my hair scarf around the bun to make it more dressy and swooped over a few front locs to create a side bang.  It didn't dawn on me until today about how easy and headache-free my head felt with this bun ever since snipping those 2HD's.  In the past when I wore a bun it was twice as big and had weight to it, but this time my head felt pretty light.
Loc Thoughts

Journey:  I'm looking forward to what this year has to offer.  My new set is growing in nicely, but I still have major unraveling from where I snipped my 2HD's, so basically my locs look like this: root====8--------tip.  The '8' is where my loc unravels and looks bushy, so basically each lock looks like a Q-tip.  I wonder if this point will continue to unravel or puff out if I ever decide to cut off my old set?  This section creates the most fuzz, so I have to tame the fuzz or else it looks like each loc exploded in the middle, lol! Only time will tell.
Maintenance:  Sometimes I wonder how my locs would look if twisted?  Then thoughts of re-twisting a dense head of hair every 2 weeks, scalp issues, and having puffy roots after every rinse (and I wash my hair frequently) creep up on me.  Latching is convenient as often as I rinse my hair or exercise or need to brush out the flakes from my scalp because they can get lodged in a loc or two.  Sometimes I wonder if removing the flakes from twisted hair would be more difficult to do with the possibility of them becoming trapped?
Fuzz: My hair never stays perfectly neat as many would think and my pics are usually taken after my hair is freshly latched or i've dealt with the fuzz (sewed in loose strands).  I've tried latching then twisting before, but the strands never stay in place no matter what I do.  Remember how I occasionally use the needle and thread method to tame my fuzz?   Well now it has reached a point where I must use it every time I tighten my locs because they become so fuzzy and it's kind of tiring.  It's not that I have an issue with fuzz, but I have so much of it that if I latch without using the method after, then it looks like I still have 2 months of growth.


Nina said...

It's funny. I found your blog because I wanted to go back to latching. It is really the best way to maintain locs if you swim (like I did) or have any other need to constantly wash or rinse your hair. Going back to twisting was terrible for my dandruff/dry scalp, added to buildup and just made me feel that my roots were...weaker. Now, that last part may be unsubstantiated, but I think I'm just going to start latching from here on out. Thanks for the tips on tightening and fuzz control!

FoxyLocs said...

Your bun and scarf style is very cute. Stylish, but can also be considered conservative, which I like.

Gerrylocs said...

Lovely post, thanks Dewdrop. Tried the bun following your link's instructions, also struggled then found a quicker way to do it that works better for longer locks...even did a triple bun..which looks sooo nice!

Start with the inner most layer, I didn't bother tucking hair into a bandana as my hair is inconveniently long, just tied the hair and coiled it around anticlockwise like your bun in the pic.. Then added the middle layer by tying the hair at the base of the first bun and twisting around..same thing for the outer layer.. Very nice, will blog with pic in my next entry

Nubian1 said...

Hey Dewdrop!

I had similar issues regarding snipping 2 headed dragons far too soon. What happens is it works its way out gradually and sits as a very short 'stand alone'.lol

I remember the first time i noticed one and i was quite puzzled and then much later i twigged!

So the moral of that little story is not to snip 2headed dragons too soon wait at least 6months (depending on hair textures)


Peace and Sound said...

Hi Dedrop,
I love your bun! You are so diligent in sharing your journey. It is a great help to us all! I combined a lot of my locs and I had some areas that were fuzzy. I'm not really picky about it, but I, too, have noticed the hair at the perimeter sticking out even when I latch the locks. I followed your video tutorial about creating new locks, and I decided to wrap the attached lock with a very small amount of kinky hair to hold it in place and hide the thread. It has worked out well so far. This weekend, I have 3 new locks in front that I am working on. The fuzzy hair, I decided to palm roll and as I think about the fuzz I am SO happy becuase I didn't have any hair in front for many years thanks to chemical stress! Thank you again for sharing with us. We appreciate you!

dewdrop said...

@Nina: It's good to know that i'm not alone. :-)

@FoxyLocs: Very true. Thanks!

@Gerrylocs: Thanks so much for posting this. I will be sure to check out your update.

@Nubian: Thanks for the tip. I actually waited 10 months before snipping my HD's, so maybe my hair is just really soft at this point or something.

@PandS: You're so kind and i'm so glad that you shared with me what's working for you. It keeps me encouraged.

dewdrop said...

@PandS: I received your message. No problem, it's okay! ;-)

LadyButterfly said...

Wow ABSOLUTELY...elegant~! You encourage us to go forward with this lock journey!

NubianLockedPrincess said...

Love the bun! My hair is not that long yet!LOL!! I`am getting there!

The knotty Truth said...

Ummm my ends too. I snipped to eliminate the bulky ends, and they unraveled and poofed! Back to the drawing board? I dunna, Ive latched some to tighten them up, most I leave alone and concede. Hair. YOU WIN!