March 23, 2011

New Loc Color + 1 yr. mark

 Yes, i've colored my locs! I did so on the first weekend of March which also happens to by my 1 yr. mark with my new set of locks.
I colored my roots with "Sparkling Sherry"(a Reddish Brown bottle color).
 The last time I colored my hair was about 18 months ago (Sept. 2009) and i've had so much new growth since then.  I know I said I wanted to stop coloring my hair, but I had a few good reasons for doing so anyway: 1) I was very good about keeping my locs healthy and strong, 2) I had reached my 1 year mark with my new set of locs, 3) I needed a reason to celebrate and 4) I just felt like it. :-D
So these are my reasons.  

This is how I colored my hair this time (flash back):
1) 1 bottle of Clairol Sparkling Sherry (2 floz.)
2) 1 bottle of the 30 vol. Clear developer ( 2 fl oz.) [creme is harder to rinse out, but clear is easier]
3) Let the color sit for 30 min. & covered my locs w/ a baggie. (My virgin hair took the color quickly)
4) Rinsed out the color, dried my locs
5) Used my mayo+egg deep conditioner mix & covered my locs w/ a baggie for 1 hour.
6) Rinsed again, dried and styled.

I've always liked reddish-brown just because it brings out my natural red tones and I feel that it's a suitable color for my skin tone.  I had so much new growth, but one bottle covered everything. Every time I wash my hair I make sure to spritz my locs with Aloe Vera Juice as a leave in condition (but not on my scalp since it's too sensitive for it).  I tried to take pics inside and outside just to get a clear pic of the color.  It's a nice change and I like it.  What do you think? :-)

March update:  This month is my 1 yr. mark since i've combined my locs, and my new set has grown out so much!  They are much bigger, appear fuller and really look great!

Watch this 2011 video on how to make this style: Video


Felicia said...

Love the color!!

Pink Carnation Maryann said...

Ooooh! Beautiful!

Nubian1 said...

I must say Dewdrop you locks look softer now that they have settled since combining them. It looks so pretty in the sunlight with a mixture of complimentary colours.

rmcandlelight (nailsbeautiqued) said...

Look great!! Thanks for the tip on using aloe vera juice :)

Afrolady said...

I am totally in love with the color AND that lovely style!!

Newness of Life said...

I love the new color! And I agree that this new set has grown a ton and looks so strong and healthy. It's a great way to celebrate. I recently dyed my roots black. Not as exciting, I know. lol. I appreciate the tip about the aloe spritz. I think I will try that now that the weather will start warming up here.

dewdrop said...

Thanks everyone!

@Nubian2: Really? Yay! I am so glad to hear this because for some reason my old set never really looked settled to me. Thanks for the compliment and encouragement.

@rmcandlelight: No problem. AVJ really helps.

@Afrolady: This is my "workout" hair style whenever it's not styled. I went hiking that day and it made my workout so much tension on my scalp and it stayed out of my face.

@Newness: I am really excited about this new set because they do feel stronger and look so much healthier. I'm sure that your new color will grow on you, so just continue rocking those locs!

Lovin Natural said...

Your hair always looks so good!

Mile High Sisterlocks said...

Your color looks beautiful. I'm thinking about coloring my ends only. Thanks for the tips. Will pass them on to my color specialist since I don't know if she has colored locs before. BTW I love the bun.

ZAR said...

Dewdrop, you are my loc idol. I looooove your locs.

The knotty Truth said...

ooo pretty! keep us posted

Naturally UniQue Sisterlocks said...

Pretty color! You are so making me wanna color my hair!!