March 12, 2011

Video: Bantu Knot Out

This is how you make a Bantu Knot Out:  I made bantu knots with my locs when they were slightly damp, let them air dry over night and untwisted them to create a lovely style.  It's so much easier to make these knots now that I have fewer locs on my head and more space to keep them in place.


Naturally UniQue Sisterlocks said...

Your Bantu Knot Out looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Peace and Sound said...

Beautiful knot out! I was hoping to try one or a twist out this weekend, but the time got away from me. Thanks for posting the video, I think it has charged me up again!

Gerrylocs said...

very nice :-) been doing mine wrong all this time, I would plait the hair into a single braid before tying into a bantu knot instead of just coiling the I know!

Lovin Natural said...

That came out great! Your hair is so beautiful. Did you secure the bantu knots with hair pins? How have you kept your locks from getting lint in them? They look good.

Felicia said...

Such a neat way of adding curls without rollers. I am still unclear of how to secure a bantu knot. Beautiful hairstyle!!

Queen said...

Nice, Very Nice.
Take care~

M said...

Hi Dewdrop,
I had Sisterlocks installed in September '10 and it has been wonderful. After joining the LockItUp Yahoo group, I've gotten a lot of great ideas about how to care for and style my hair without a ton of product or hassle. Finding your blog has been great too. I appreciate your thoroughness; your blog often answers a question I have before I've had a chance to ask it.
My hair is getting longer and I'll likely try a Bantu knot-out soon. My locs are not yet sealed, but I know better these days what I can and can't do with my hair. Thanks for this video (and the others too).

dewdrop said...

Thanks everyone!

@Gerrylocs: I haven't tried your technique before (braiding and then coiling), but you've inspired me to try it now. :-)

@Lovin Natural: I twirl my locs around the base (underneath the knot) until it stays in place. To avoid lint I make sure to sleep with a silk scarf and cover my locs if i'm around dust.

@Felicia: I twirl my locs around the base (underneath the knot) until it stays in place.

@M: Congrats on your new set of locs! Definitely wait until your locs have sealed before styling your hair too much because it can slow down the locking process. Take it from me.

Anonymous said...

Love the look, makes pretty curls.


LadyButterfly said...