April 04, 2011

Video: Hair Products & Color

Product info:
Alaffia Virgin Coconut & Shea Enriching Shampoo
Alaffia Virgin Coconut & Shea Enriching Hair Lotion (Leave in conditioner)
http://www.alaffia.com/ (I bought mine from W.hole F.oods Market)
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Naturally UniQue Sisterlocks said...

HI Dewdrop! Enjoyed the vid but I wanted to know if you can a comment with the name of the shampoo and lotion you use? Thx

Euphoria's Sisterlocks said...

Hey DewDrop! I have used alot of natural shampoos & I wind up hating them because they leave my hair real dry & brittle feeling. Does that particular brand do the same as I have scalp issues as well, so moisture is what I need. & Oh where can I buy the product

dewdrop said...

@NUS: Thanks for pointing this out. I sure will!

@ES: I have scalp issues too and this shampoo can be a little drying just because it contains black soap (soap in general is drying), but when I used the Hair Lotion afterward then my scalp felt moisturized. I bought mine from W.hole F.oods M.arket.

Queen said...

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Take Care~

Yahvinah said...

Enlightening as always! Oh! And I have an award for you at my blog! :)

CaribSun said...

Hi Dewdrop. I nominated you for the Stylish Blog Award.

Kreyola said...

You been award the style blogger award http://kreyolalocks.blogspot.com/2011/04/stylish-blogger-award.html

Gigglz said...

You're also awarded the style blogger award from me.


dewdrop said...

Thanks for all the awards ladies! :-)