July 18, 2011

Loc Breakage

Periodically i'll inspect my locs for signs of weakness or damage, especially if I had been putting stress on my locs due to over styling or other factors.  Below i've posted pictures of two locs in the back near the nape of my neck which have thinned out.  I believe I know what contributed to their breakage and it could be a culmination of factors:

1) They were very thin to begin with
2) I used peroxide every time I dyed my hair
3) I groomed them
4) I stretched them back into a tight ponytail with those thin hair ties from years ago.

I believe the fourth reason might be the main culprit because every time I wore curlers or put them up in a pony tail my locs were stretched.  After taking them down I noticed they seemed thinner and longer than usual.  I even wrote a post about this back in 2009 click here:   "The shaft of several locks appear to be thinner and I know it's from wearing my shorter hair ties when I run. I really don't want my locks to snap off so I made the decision to wear my hair half up and half down to give my back row a good rest. I make sure to keep my shorter hair ties kind of loose, but I still have the same problem despite switching positions (i.e. higher puff, lower puff), and I know that my locks have thickened over the last few months."

(Left pic) This is Loc 'A', and if you look closely at the point near my fingers then you'll see some damage.  (Right pic) This is a close up of that breakage where a few strands are keeping the loc together. 

(Left pic) To the right of Loc 'A' in this picture is Loc 'B'.  They were both the same length and had the same point of weakness.  (Right pic)  I removed half of the loc from Loc 'A' and 'B' at this point, but I used two different methods.  I picked out Loc 'B' and and I just snipped Loc 'A', so now both locs are half the length they once were.

Now this is Loc 'C', a third loc combined from two previously super skinny locs from the front of my head.  As you can see once again, a few strands are keeping this loc intact.  I simply just pulled this loc apart from the weakest point and it came out with ease.  It's a quarter of a length shorter than it once was, but that's okay because it creates a more tapered look once it blends in with my other locs.

My Thoughts & Feelings:
This is a good reminder about why I had to combine my locs to begin with, and to remain focused on my goal of growing a healthy set this time.  I last colored my hair 5 months ago and I don't plan to color it again anytime soon.  I'm not concerned about these weakened locs because they were part of my old set and I plan to cut those off anyway in the future.


Gerrylocs said...

glad you did this post...

Your locks look perfect, so it is encouraging to know these things happen.. I might have similar problems with my parting, some locks in the front are too thin, but I'm waiting for own hair to marture before I make rash decisions as I will surely mess up the rows

Nubian1 said...

Yeah every so often i get these issues, i either pull them out or just snip.

Recently when i trimmed an inch of my locks, i noticed that after a wash i got curly ends. I always like that.

Its only hair lets not get stressed.

Afrolady said...

Thank you for this post. Many of us look to you for guidance/advice, etc. It is very helpful to us to know what to look for.

Felicia said...

Your blog saved my locks. Thank you,thank you!!!!

Felicia said...

Your blog has literaly saved my locks. Thank you, thank you!!!