August 24, 2011

Curly Bun

Curly Bun

I had a dance performance this month and as part of my costume I was required to wear an African print head band and skirt.  My hair had to be up and away from my face, so I wore a curly pony tail with swoop bangs but the curls dropped way too much before the show started.  I had to quickly change my look and make a curly bun out of it in an attempt to preserve my remaining curls.  My performance went well and I received many compliments about this style.  One lady with SLs approached me and asked me how I did my hair and if I would tighten her locs for her, lol!


rmcandlelight (nailsbeautiqued) said...

Very cute. What did you use to secure the pony tail? I must start styling my locks with side swoop bags very elegant looking :)

R. Queen said...

Nice, very Nice!

dewdrop said...

@R.Queen: Thanks!
@rmcandlelight: I just used a regular hair tie and doubled it up a few times. I started wearing side swoop bangs to avoid adding stress to my hairline.