August 24, 2011

How to: Cut combined dreads + Video

A few weeks ago I cut the remainder of my double dragons in the back of my head and a in the front.  I had delayed cutting these off because I wanted my back locs to grow out some more and to support my new set.  Once they reached a certain length then I was able to see where I needed to cut them.  The left photo shows the back of my locs with the dragons still attached.  The right photo shows my locs after I snipped them.  I have fewer locs in the back now and my hair has less density in this part of my head.

These are two pics of how much new growth I have since combining my locs 1.5 years ago.  The left photo shows the back row and the right photo shows a loc from the front of my head.

I cut the remainder of my double dragons and this photo shows most of them between 9"-10" long.  After I took this picture I found roughly 5-7 more locs which I missed from before and they were a little longer than the ones you see here.  

Result:  My locs definitely feel much lighter in the back and my hair doesn't take as long to dry after I wash it.  

How To Cut Them:  I hold up two locs and which ever one looks and feels stronger is the one I keep.  I factor in uneven lengths and the overall health of each loc's shaft.  If there are major weak spots in one loc (even if it's longer) then that's the one i'll snip because the other (shorter) one is stronger and consistent (meaning no holes or thinning areas).
Below is a video demonstration of how I cut my double dragons:


Karen said...

Great Post Kalia!!

Cheleski Kickin' The knotty Truth said...

gr8 post/video KD!
I will miss your dragons, lol!

Terez said...

Your hair looks lovely. I'm lovin the length!

Gerrylocs said...

Are you done now? you're lucky you have thick hair...mine would be 'see-through' by now

dewdrop said...

Thanks everyone!

@Gerrylocs: LOL! I hope so. Now that my new set is growing in the thickness has returned.

Pebbles said...

Your hair is growing really fast it seems.

CaribSun said...

Hi Dewdrop. I have an unrelated question. I want to try dyeing my hair, mainly for the purpose of covering my grey hairs. Of all the commercial dyes available, is there any one that you would recommend? Is there any one that I should definitely stay away from? I am overwhelmed by all the choices that are available?

dewdrop said...

@Pebbles: I know!

@CaribSun: I have always used Clairol because their dyes don't fade and they look more natural. I prefer to use bottle colors because they have a limited selection of box colors. I have never been a fan of D&L or Creme of Nature because their box colors tend to fade and look dull after a while. Not to mention that they look less natural, and some colors scream 'box dye'. I hope this helps. :-)

CaribSun said...

Thanks Dewdrop. Your perspective is indeed very helpful.

R. Katya said...

Hi there Dewdrop. I deleted my Big Curls Don't Cry -blog, and now I just have my new one.
*click name for new blog*
Thank you,