August 24, 2011

My Hair Texture

I picked out the end of one loc and later re-braided it because it was too big and bulky to pull through my new growth when I latched my roots.  I played with it for a little bit and took this picture to show you what it looks like up close.  Most of my strands are tightly coiled and spiral like a slinky or double helix in an o-shape, and then I have a few that just bend in this z-shape.  The beauty of our coils still amaze me and how awesome it is to have such versatility with our hair texture. 


rmcandlelight (nailsbeautiqued) said...

Nice, Did you comb through it before you braided it back up?

Lenolia said...

Very nice! I love looking at our different coils!!

dewdrop said...

@rmc: Actually I didn't. I just left it as is and braided it back up. :-)

@Leonlia: Thanks! I agree. :-)