January 02, 2012

Hair Products

~September 2011~

Hair Products
So I am still using my favorite line of hair products by Alaffia.  A friend of mine found their shampoos sold at a discounted price of $5 at another health food store. When she called me to share this great news, I told her to grab as many bottles as possible and clean out the shelf. LOL! She was able to grab four bottles of shampoo, so I think I am set for the next several months.  I still use the leave in hair lotion and so far my hair is feeling pretty healthy.


Ni said...

Hey K.

Your products looks like they smell wonderful. I would have purchased them because of the coloring....looks refreshing.

c0cc0 said...

It looks like a great product line, but I noticed the shea butter. You haven't noticed build up from leaving in shea butter
(TIA for responding. One of my favorite hair care lines is SheaMoisture, and I'm wondering if it'll cause build up in my future locks)?

dewdrop said...

@Ni: They do smell wonderful and they are refreshing.

@cocco: I haven't had any buildup after using their line of shampoos if that's what you're referring to. I don't use shea butter directly on my hair otherwise it would cause build up in my locs. I haven't used the SheaMoisture line before, so I wouldn't know. Sorry. It might be good to check on Nappturality and find out from other users if they've experienced build up from using this line. :-)