January 08, 2012

Happy Nappiversary!

 ~December 2011~

It's my Nappiversary and my napps are 8 years strong!

To celebrate this occasion, I wore a simple braidout and pinned back the right side.  This was also the style I wore at my Christmas Concert.

I worked out at the gym a few days later, and my crinkles didn't sweat out as much as I thought they would. Nice!


Expanding Beauty said...

Beautiful!!! Congrats on 8 years!

msfullroller said...

Wow, simply gorgeous!

JEAN said...

So beautiful!!!....congrats Kalia!

dewdrop said...

Thanks everyone! I can't believe that 8 years had passed already. Wow!

Naturaleza said...

8 years and moving on! Congrats!