January 08, 2012

Jamaican Coconut Drops

~December 2011~

Coconut Drops!  I spent Christmas with my family making all kinds of delicious Jamaican dishes and desserts as part of our cultural tradition.  I helped my mother make Rum cake, and I helped my father make coconut drops from scratch.  It was our first time making these drops with a labor of love, and as simple as this recipe might seem the challenging part was timing it just right in order to create those nice hard chunks. Yum!


Kreyola said...

Looks so yummy!!! I love anything that has coconut, so I'm sure this was as good as it looks.

CaribSun said...

I love drops! Where's mine?

JEAN said...

I grew up in Jamaica (my parents are Jamaican) and we used to make them at home all the time!!...Your post certainly brings back those memories!!

dewdrop said...

@Kreyola: It sure was!

@CaribSun: LOL! A few people have asked me that quesiton. :-)

@Jean: Awe, that's so wonderful!!

Jean said...

@ Caribsun, we have a mutual friend in Jamaica...saw you in her wedding photos!!
@ Kalia, I think I'm going to start making them again.....it's been sooo many years!!..

dewdrop said...

@Jean: Go for it!