January 08, 2012

PCM's Wedding & Bridesmaids Locs

~October 2011~

Remember PCM?  (Pink Carnation Maryann)  See post 1 and post 2 to refresh your memory. She was married in October and asked me to be one of her bridesmaids.  I was so honored because I had never been a bridesmaid before, so it was an exciting day for both of us.  She had a traditional Orthodox Jewish wedding, She wore a beautiful wedding gown, a veil with fresh flowers attached as a crown, and she wore a twist out.  After the ceremony she changed into a beautiful Victorian style dress for her reception. I was so happy for her! She looked very beautiful and expressed great joy!

My Bridesmaid Locs:  I used my loc loops to make small spiral curls that lasted for most of the day.  I spritzed my locs with water, set them with these rods over night and had some fabulous curls the next day!  My locs were arm-pit-length and I knew that my curls would droop by nightfall, so I made my curls extra tight.

These are what my locs looked like as soon as I took out my loc loops.

Then I finger combed them lightly to avoid having them droop too much by time the wedding started.

Before & After: This is how my locs look in the morning, and by nightfall (twelve hours later) they completely drooped.  My curls were gone! At least they stayed secure during the wedding.

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