February 08, 2012

Video: 5 Year Lockversary!

Last month was my 5 year lockversary! (Left) This picture was taken over the summer in a rose garden, and I thought it really captured the beauty of my locs.  (Right) This picture shows the current length of my locs. Scroll down to the bottom for more pictures. Click here to see year 4 and year 3.

Routine: My locs feel strong and healthy ever since I started taking better care of them and using more natural products. I still wash my locs once a week with my Alaffia shampoo and leave in hair conditioner. Occasionally, I will spritz them with Aloe Vera Juice after I have washed them just to seal in the moisture. The length of my locs have outgrown my microfiber towels, but I still use them. I don't leave them on my head for too long or else they begin to feel heavy.

Length & Size: Right now my locs have reached bra strap length and they continue to creep down my back. My goal is to have them grow to my waist just for fun. As I tightened them the other day, I noticed that I had a few skinny locs that needed support, so I went ahead and combined them. At least seven were combined, so now I have approximately 219 locs. I'll need to recount them later. Nearly one year ago I had colored my locs and then stopped. To be honest i'm still not used to my natural hair color only because I had dyed my hair for years.  

Old Locs vs. New Locs: I still have plans to keep my old set of locs (the bottom half/colored part). Once my new set of locs (the top half) have grown out to a certain length then I will cut off my old set. Right now my new set is between ear and chin length, so i'm guessing that it'll probably take another 2-3 years before it reaches my shoulders. Almost 2 years have passed since I had combined my locs and had my double dragons snipped. 

Locs & Grad School: My long hiatus from blogging was due to the fact that several months ago I started another professional program, and i'm currently working on a second masters degree. I had many assignments/projects to complete and I didn't have time to update my blog. I will try to update when I can because it is relaxing for me. I am so glad to have my locs right now and with my schedule it really helps to just be able to get up and go.  I can still exercise, wash my locs and style them in time for the next day. I am the only loc'd head in my program, but not the only napptural.  :-)


Lady Butterfly said...

Absolutely beautiful~your hair & the way you blog. We Love your style. Your locks are so neat and well maintained so there is nothing dreadful to say about them. That is why you are blending in your graduate's program so well~inside and out! Thanks for such great presentation!

Queenlocks said...

Congrats! Dewdrop :)
Happy 5 years!!!!

Take Care~

dewdrop said...

@LB: Thank you!! You're so sweet.

@QL: Thank you, and thanks for the link to your new page. :-)