March 19, 2012

Loc Thoughts

Last week I had thoughts about what to do with my locs, only because I was feeling a little bored with them. I watched numerous loose-napp videos, which only made me miss my fro and twists even more. I miss the volume/density I had as a loose-napp too. I had even thought about maybe taking them down, but then I remembered that I only had 2 years worth of new growth with my new set, and I wanted to grow them out a few more inches.

When I tightened my locs last week, I just felt like combining some more in the middle of my head to reduce the time it took me to tighten them. In addition to that, I found a few more skinny locs that needed more support. Fast forward to this week, and once again i'm thinking about my long term loc goals. I know that some time in the future i'll probably pick out my locs instead of cut them off, but only when i'm ready to.

For some reason bigger locs are becoming more appealing to me all of a sudden, maybe because i'm tired of having smaller locs.  I think that if I made them bigger now then the take down process would not be as tedious in the future. In the past when I had taken down my old set of latched locs, I noticed that it was less tedious to unravel a few of the bigger ones. The skinnier ones were so much harder.

If I make them bigger, my only concern is that if I continue to latch them, then they might remain skinny regardless of their size. Latching in general keeps my locs tight and does not allow much room for expansion.

Well, I have enough time to think about what to do with them, but for the most part i'm leaning towards possibly combining a few more so that i'm down to at least 200.


R. Katya said...

Greetings! :)
I just combined last year from 316 down to 298 (give or take a few locks), I plan to have 250 or 225 myself.
Your locks are lovely, and whatever you decide to do with your hair, best wishes!
This is my 2nd set, and I have been "bad" about a blog update, but soon, I will post some pics!
Take Care~

dewdrop said...

Thank you so much for your encouragement. It's interesting how our journey changes in a moment, you know? :-)

R. Katya said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog. :)
I told you I'd post pics! *smiles*
I might try a different style this weekend.
Oh, I did that "bun" pic back in Jan. with my last retightening, but I will save that particular style for the hot/summer months coming up.
Take Care~

Shauna990 said...

I still follow your blog since you inspired me to get sisterlocks (GAN from NP). I actually combined mine too. I had the same feelings you had about wanting to take them down instead of cutting them. I always remember how lazy I am and how I would not want to continually do loose hair. I don't want to put forth any effort in the mornings to do my hair! lol I like being able to wash and go or wake up and go. I may combined again as well further down the road, but right now I like where mine are. I think that's the beauty of it. You started off small and get make them bigger and bigger along the way! I'll be following along!

Cheleski aka KnottyAuthor Kicken The Truth said...

I like the idea of combining bc i don't plan on being elderly and have to worry about all these locks! down from 400+ to around 150 at last count-whatever you do, I will keep watching and supporting you! it's fun to see all of us evolve!!!

dewdrop said...

@R.K. You're welcome.

@Shauna: That's awesome. I totally agree with you, because you never know what changes you'll encounter along your journey. Starting my locs small with the option to enlarge them along the way was a good decision.

@CKA: LOL! I know! I think I have reached apoint where I just want to keep my maintenance as simple as possible. Thanks for your support!