April 27, 2012

Staple Style: Loc Bun

Loc Bun

Since April 1st, i've been wearing my locs up in a bun for two reasons: 1) The weather is getting warmer and I wanted to keep my locs out of my face, and 2) After I had combined my locs 4.5 weeks ago i've had to make some adjustments. My roots have grown in and it seems as if they are trying to adjust. As a result they look a little weird whenever I wear my hair down, so I plan to wear this style until I tighten my locs again. I plan to tighten them sometime after my 5 week mark depending on how much new growth I have.  I've enjoyed this style so much that i've added it to my list of staple styles.
This was my first attempt to wear a bun for Easter Sunday.  I'd used two accessories: 1) a mesh doughnut to give my bun some volume and keep it from flopping, and 2) a hair net (scroll down) to keep my bun in place. I didn't use any pins in my hair since I just wrapped my locs around and tucked them underneath. I've also played around with my bangs by either folding them over, twisting them to the side or braiding them. The braided bang is my favorite out of my three choices. I've received so many compliments and I plan to wear this style more often during the summer.


Robyn said...

U Rock! :)
I want to rock a loc bun this summer.
Keep up the wonderful styles!
Take Care~


Lady Butterfly said...

WOW!!! Stunning as always. This is so airy and beautiful. I am surprisingly out of words. Who would of thought... wow Dewdrop!!!