May 18, 2012

First Re-ti Post-Combine

First Re-ti Done!
On May 5th I latched my locs since I first combined them 6 weeks ago. I used the 3pt. pattern with most of my locs, and with others I just used the 2pt. It was too soon to tighten my locs around the 5th week, but around the 6th week I had enough new growth to make at least one rotation. My mini fro underneath had grown out so much and my transition looked a little weird, so I wore a bun for a few weeks.
I took my time and sectioned my hair off into four sections. I spent an hour on each section only because I had to take the time separating my roots and making sure that my parts were in order. This first time required special attention so that's why it took me four hours. Before I had combined my locs my re-ti took four hours, so next time I expect it to take less time now that my loc count is lower.

Before & After
The pics on the left show my 6 weeks of new growth, and on the right are pics after my first reti.


Thoughts & Feelings
I felt really good once my entire head was latched. I didn't have too much scalp showing and my fuzz crept in after a few days. It has been 2 weeks since I took these pictures, and even though my roots are still tight I have lots of fuzz. If I tie my hair down at night with a satin scarf, then in the morning the fuzz stays down. Otherwise it just looks like my roots are close to needing another re-ti. I'm not sure how I feel about this, but i'll see as I continue my journey.
My locs look and feel great, but i'm beginning to feel their weight. It's one thing to have heavy locs when they're wet, and another when they're dry. They're not super heavy, but I definitely feel the weight at times no matter how I wear them...up, down, in a high/low bun, to the side. It does bother me a little, but not enough to do anything about it. The ironic thing is that I feel the weight in the top half of my locs (new set), and not in the bottom half (old set). I know that my thickness and density contribute to the weight. When I lift my locs up above my head and just hold them in my hands, then my head feels very light (obviously), but i'm able to feel the difference in weight and I suspect that my locs will feel heavier with time.  I know that I wanted to grow long locs, but if I feel any discomfort as a result of their weight then i'll need to make some changes. 


echidiime onwudinjo said...

Oh wow, this was a serious combining effort. First time seeing your blog in a while so I wasn't initially aware of the recent move to combine your locs, again. To get rid of the heaviness, do you suppose getting rid of the two headed dragons in the future might help - or, do you plan to trim your locs and keep them at a certain length.

I may one day consider combining my locs - right now there are 300+ and 1.5 years old. Looking forward to seeing how yours turn out.

Anonymous said...

How did youbdo the 2 point rotation? What is the difference, in size, of those logs? Thanks so much for sharing your hair journey with us. Has made a huge difference in how I care for my hair.

Nubianlockedprincess said...

I see you have combined more of your locs! Looking great!

YASU said...

Wow! I always love coming to your blog because you are so detailed with your posts. I love the fact that you share your own experience and aren't afraid to try new things and share them! Your locs still look great!

dewdrop said...

@EO: Thank you. I don't plan to cut my two headed dragons because 1) they're only 6 inches, 2) they're part of my new set of healthy locs. Enjoy the journey of having 300 locs, and if that time comes when you feel like combining them then you'll know. :-)

@Anon: Thanks for your comment. That's so sweet of you. The 2pt. is a very simple pattern and all you do is latch in two different directions. I.E. North and East over and over. The 2pt. pattern creates a fuller loc because there is more room for expansion/meshing/condensing, but it can look less cylindrical in shape than what the 3 or 4 pt. patterns create.

@NLP: Hey!! I have and it's so much easier for me now. My roots are loving the change too!

@YASU: Awe you're so sweet! Thank you for responding and being so open to sharing your journey with me as well. You inspire me. :-)

Monique said...

Hey your combined locs look awesome!! I'm sure it is a much lighter feeling:-) I am going to attempt my own first DIY retightening and I am more worried about the back. I've done a few rows in the front before which is easy because I can see them. I know some gifted folks can re-ti in front of the TV. How do I get there?? I have roots that LOVE to grab and combine with the neighboring loc and I'm afraid I'll ruin my parts...Side note I'm also preggers again and my hair is growing like crazy so I really need to stay on top of it. I'm getting 6 weeks new growth in 3 weeks!YIKES!!! Thanks!

dewdrop said...

@Monique: Thank you! Actually i'm beginning to feel the weight of my locs. Congrats to you on attempting your own first DIY re-ti. Regarding the parts in the back, just make sure to keep your locs separated as you tighten them. If you have a two-way mirror then you'll be able to see the back. If not then try to visualize what your back looks like as your feel around for each lock. Remember, your fingers are you eyes in the back of your head. Take your time and be patient.

Congrats on your pregnancy too! Wow I can't believe that you have so much new growth in a short amount of time. :-D

Monique said...

Thanks for the tips!:-) This is my second pregnancy and I couldn't beleive how fast my locs grew! It was a little insane:-) The downside, is when my DD was born, my front row of locs thinned and fell out. I was so hurt.:-( It's common with pregnant women, but it hurt more when you see a loc you worked hard to grow for 6 years fall out. I have all new ones now, hopefully I can cultivate these and perhaps with more vitamins they won't fall out at the end. :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Cant beleive how much your locks have changed. Sisterlocks are much too thin,but arn't bigger thicker locks a,strain on the,roots? Nice but I preferred your sisterlocks which were one,of the best I'd ever seen.

dewdrop said...

@Monique: You're welcome. Sorry to hear about your thinning locs, but I hope they'll eventually grow out nice and full.

@Anon: I know! My thicker/bigger locs don't strain my roots at all. Thank you for the compliment too. When I had my SLs, they were lovely, but my thickness/density added weight to them which actually strained my roots in some areas. So I had to combine them for health reasons and i'm glad I did. Thanks for visiting!