June 10, 2012

Hair Inspection

I've been growing a new set of locs for nearly 2.5 years now, and my goal was to grow a healthier set of locs. I wanted to inspect the health of my hair, so I snipped off the old microloc and picked out my new loc.  The tuft of hair next to the arrow shows the line of demarcation where I had combined my locs. The take down process was a little easier this time and I used water and a push pin. Very little hair had shed during this take down.

I stretched out the picked out loc and was amazed to discover how much growth I had. My new growth was twice the original length when I stretched it out, and it was only 5 inches shorter than the entire length of a neighboring loc.
 I am happy to report that my hair from root to tip is very healthy and strong. I have achieved my goal of growing healthy locs. Yay!


dk said...

What did you do to re-loc the hair you picked out? Did you braid it or interlock it? If the latter, did you have to put a knot on the end to latch it? thanks :-) You are an inspiration! I just combined my super micro locs because I had about a million and now I'm down to 500K, lol.

dewdrop said...

Actually, I never re-loc'd the loc I picked out, because I still want to play with it. :-) Every time I wash my hair, i'll just two strand twist it together to keep it fresh so that it won't loc up again until i'm ready. When I do loc it then i'll either keep it twisted or braid it.

To answer your question though with regards to another loc I picked out months before, I braidloc'd it first and then interlocked my new growth.