August 12, 2012


Back in June, I had a desire to where a loc-hawk since I had only worn this style once during my loc journey.  My first attempt was back in 2007, and this style was created differently than what you see now.  I kept this style for just one day because it was kind of tight, and I needed to take it down anyway before the next day.  Will I recreate this style again? I don't know, but maybe one day if I have the desire to do it again then I will.  It took a while to create. :-)

 This time I flat twisted each row in  the back and sides of my head, and tied them off with a neighboring loc strand.  It was arm work since I didn't really have a blueprint to follow, but I just played around with different ways of keeping the sides back without the use of hair bands.

I absolutely love how the front looks!  I made a crisscrossed, low-bouffant in the front, and pushed it forward and pinned it in place.  It kept drooping, and I tried using a soc bun or a few extra locs to keep it up, but it had too many visible gaps and didn't stay in place.  The locs in the back stayed evenly down the middle and flowed down my back.  This style was fun and worth wearing even if it was just for one day.


Gerrylocs said...

very nice Dewdrop

dewdrop said...

Thanks Gerrylocs!

R. Katya said...

This style is hot! :)
nice, very nice....
Take Care~