November 04, 2012

My Locs Feel Slightly Heavy

I've been having mixed feelings about my locs for several weeks now, mainly because of their weight. It seems that month after month my locs are beginning to feel heavier, and this can be quite uncomfortable.  When I have worn up-do's (like a bun) the weight of them would pull my head in different directions.  I've been contemplating whether or not to cut them shorter, and allow them to grow out again, or wear them short for a little while and then take them down completely to wear my puff/fro/twists again.  

The line of demarcation between my new set and old set varies.  This tells me that if I plan to cut off the old set at that mark, then I might have uneven locs all over my head.  I do like my length, however, I don't like the weight. See, my hair is naturally very thick and dense, and i've already snipped off two sets of double headed dragons over the years. That should give you an idea as to how much hair I have.  

Part of me wants to keep my length so that I will meet my hair goal of having waist length locs.  However, part of me would like to cut them shorter, but I do not feel like dealing with short, uneven locs either.  I thought about cutting them short and keeping them curly (with rods/rollers or something) to deal with the unevenness until they grow out.  All I know is that if I allow them to continue growing then they will become heavier.  The good thing is that my roots and hair line haven't been affected.  They are still pretty strong.I'm not sure what I should do right now.  Any suggestions?
  This is a braid out that I wore last week, and it lasted for two days.  I spritzed my locs, braided them up and un-braided them once they dried.
This is the current length and look of my locs. I know that it looks like i'm due for a re-ti, but it's still too soon since it's been 3 weeks since my last re-ti.


gdhite said...

Hello Dewdrop,
I love the length of your locs, however if you are uncomfortable, you will eventually cut them. You know they will be fabulous long or short!

dewdrop said...

Hi gdhite,

Thank you so much for your support! :-)

Anonymous said...

So great to see/view your journey. I say go with your heart (of course) but how about another option of going to a professional to cut your locs into layers to ease some of the weight? They seem to be in slight layers already but I wasn't sure if they were naturally growing like that? However, maybe more extreme layering might help :)

R. Katya said...

Greetings Dewdrop! :)

I haven't been here in a minute, but whatever you decide to do, you have my support. Most lock-wearers will cut back if there locks begin to feel heavy. My locks are 5 yrs. now, and they are not so heavy yet, not even when wet. (click my name for some pics/my blog)
However, the first three rows of my locks are cut into a fringe/bang. and I have two rows in the back that are shorter than the rest of my locks, and this is "probably" why my locks are not so heavy - yet! ;-)
I have four locks that have reached back-bra-strap-length. I do not plan to cut until next fall of 2013, if at all.

Take care~

dewdrop said...

@Anon: Thanks! I have contemplated going to a professional, but i'd really like to try doing it myself since I have some in between lengths with my new growth. I started from a twa, so I have natural layers already and might work with that.

@RK: Greetings Queenlocks! Thanks so much for your support. Your locs always look good no matter what, and i'm glad that you don't have to deal with heavy locs. It sounds like you found a great alternative. Thanks for sharing!


Lady Butterfly said...

Your locks are still as beautiful as ever. I have been out of the loop for so long with life, and my head in the books that I hope this post is not post your decison. Your hair looks great the way it is. I can't even tell that you combined and cut them a couple of years ago. Whatever you decide or have decided I'm sure it will look great. Although you are a DIY'er via interlocking, they are...still Sisterlocks to me. I am just amazed at how well they have turned out. My 13 NEEDS to see this for encouragement.

dewdrop said...

@LB: Thank you! Keep studying hard and it will pay off. My head has been in the books as well, so i've had to postpone my updates for a while. I hope your 13 yr. old is inspired. :-)