December 25, 2012

Masking My New Growth

Ever since my last post about whether or not I wanted to cut my locs, I have been due for a retightening but did not feel like doing my hair.  I had lots of new growth and fuzz which made it obvious that I needed to do something with my hair and quick.  Instead of doing a re-ti, I just opted for my staple style (high bun) and wore a hair tie which masked most of my new growth.  My high bun was heavy and the weight of it felt similar to a semi-damp towel on my head.These pictures were taken in November, and since I was preparing for my Finals I didn't have the time to do my hair anyway.  This is one of my absolute favorite styles.  However, as my locs have grown longer my bun has become heavier. 

I attended the JAAC event (J.amaican A.wareness A.ssociation of C.alifornia) about a week later, and since it was a semi-formal event I had to figure out what to do with my locs knowing that I had all this new growth.  I still hadn't retightened them, but I wore the same style and just tied down the fuzz with a bandanna to at least keep my hair looking neat for the event before I headed out the door.  If I had more time then I would have actually curled my hair or something, but since it was a stormy night (wind and rain), I figured that wearing an updo was best. 

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