December 25, 2012

Trying New Hair Products

Update (New hair products not for me):

So it seems like this shampoo and conditioner leave this white gunky buildup on my scalp.  My scalp is not thoroughly cleansed and more product buildup accumulates each time.  I've realized that the conditioner does not have 'slip', but rather has the consistency of lotion.  I've only used them three times and it seems like I cannot use them to cleanse my scalp anymore.  I don't want to waste these 2 new products, but since they don't leave buildup on my hair like they do just on my scalp, then i'll find a way to use them. However, they seem towork fine on my hair, so this is what i've decided to do:

1) I'll go back to using my former shampoo to cleanse my scalp (and hair when necessary)
2) If for any reason I need to rinse, not wash, my hair with shampoo just to remove undesirable smells or debris (i.e. smoke, dust, etc.)then i'll use the new shampoo & conditioner, but just on my hair.

Former Shampoo (Yes!)

New Products 

I tried these new hair products and here's the back story.  I ran out of my regular Alaffia shampoo (Shea & Virgin Coconut Enriching Shampoo which contains black soap and other natural ingredients) and needed more.  That same day I had a feeling that I should check the Alaffia website, and when I did I discovered that they had come out with a new line of products.  After doing some research, I realized that not only did their new line of shampoo and conditioner contain the same ingredients as my usual shampoo, but these bottles were nearly 4x larger for the same price.  

I found these two bottles at W.hole F.oods for $9 each and decided to purchase them.  The shampoo moisturizing  cleanses nicely without stripping my hair, and the conditioner leaves my hair feeling soft.  I chose the Vanilla Mint scent because it smells so good!  They smell like spearmint gum, and the scent lingers which is great because you smell minty even two days later! :-D  I've only used them twice, but i'll continue to use them, see how well my hair responds, and if they will replace my regular shampoo.    If you have used this product, then please share your experience. :-)

ACV & Mayo Protein Treatment

About two weeks ago I did an ACV rinse with baking soda, shampooed my hair, did a mayo treatment for 1 hour, used conditioner, and then rinsed.  It felt good to pamper my locs, but it felt like a long process when I had to rinse.  The next time I had to shampoo my hair, I noticed that I had a serious build up of white gunk in my roots!  I never had this problem before and I think that maybe I did not thoroughly rinse out the mayo, or maybe I used too make baking soda.  It was not a pretty sight, but thankfully I was able to mask it with my high bun and hair scarf until my next wash. (Update posted above).



jazz said...

Thanks for product information! I will try this and hope it will have great experience with Shea.
Keep posting!

dewdrop said...

@Jazz: Absolutely! Let me know how it works out for you.

Sexyladyme26 said...

adorable blog! i think i stumbled upon it through pinterest. keep all the styling tips and product advice coming!

hair products

Anonymous said...

Hi Kalia!

Thanks for sharing all of your hair care tips. Do you have a daily moisturizer/spritz?

dewdrop said...

@sexyladyme26: Thanks so much!

@Anon: You're welcome. The only daily moisturizer/spritz I use is plain water. :-)