January 11, 2013

Curly & Cute! +video

After I latched my locs, I rolled them with Loc Loops after lightly spritzing them with Aloe Vera Juice and allowing them to air dry over night.  This is the result:
 This is day 2 and they stayed looking fresh!  I received so many compliments about how cute this style looked on me.
 I wore this style for approximately 2 weeks (washed after 1 week and rolled them again), just because I missed wearing my short and curly styles from a few years ago.


NAAN POCEN said...

Gosh! I swear I thought your hair was a lot longer than that!! Did you cut it? Yours is the reason I wear my hair in locs now by the way.....Lovely style.

Felicia said...

Ahh, does your inspiration have no end?(LOL) Love, love love the new look. Was a little concerned at first, but I should have known. I will continue to "do me", because I continue seeing you "do you"! Be blessed!!

dewdrop said...

@NP: You're absolutely right! I cut them in November! I am touched that you've been inspired to wear locs now.

@Felicia: Thank you! Keep doing you!!

victory said...

So pretty! I have always admired your hair.

dewdrop said...

@victory: Thank you so much! :)