February 12, 2013

6 Year Lockversary & Timeline of Loc Sets

Last month was my 6 year lockversary.  I'm updating my blog now because I didn't have time a few weeks ago. In the meantime here is a timeline of how many set of locs i've had.

1st set of Locs - Jan. 2004
I was newly napptural and wanted to start my locking journey, so I installed my own braidlocz.  I was indecisive about starting my journey, so I ended up starting and taking them down several times over several months. 

DIY  Braidlocz (1st time)

2nd set of Locs - Aug. 2004
I went to a certified SL consultant to have 600+ SLs installed.  They were great but so much work to maintain, so I combined them by 2 strand twisting them into bigger and thicker locs.  They were cute, but quite damaged since I had colored my hair too much prior to locking.  My locs paid for it and I had to do a 2nd Big Chop.
600+ SLs
Combined (2 strand twists) TLs
3rd set of Locs - 2007
I had another cert. SL con. install 500+ SLs, and a few weeks later I became a DIYer.  I combined them over the years and ended up with 100+ traditional locs in the end.
 Left: (2007-SLs 500+)__________Right:(2009-Combined & DIY 400+)

  Left: (2011-DIY MLs 200+)___________Right: (2012-DIY TLs 100+)


NAAN POCEN said...

What an inspirational story! Thank goodness you stuck with it, or I wouldn't have found your blog and loc my hair. And yes, I DIYed the first and only time, two years now and still going strong....mine is a funny story of trial and error but I always returned to your blog for some inspiration (I was too embarrassed to ask total strangers for help - silly, I know....I know better now lol)

dewdrop said...

Thank you! I experienced trial and error myself, and started a blog to ask questions/get help, so that's how my blog came about. :-) I am excited for you!

Khandi said...

Happy Locversary. I remembered that yours was about half a year before mine.

Wow I didn't realise you had different locs over the years. I came across you from LockItUp (i think it was), when you had SLs. I love that you take control and empower others to do the same. I'm still learning but that is what this journey is all about

Cheleski aka KnottyAuthor Kicken The Truth said...

congratulations KD!!!

Lady Butterfly said...

My daughter was actually contemplating taking her sisterlocks out. The front is loose as well as some in the middle. I was so upset that I refused to even mention it on my blogsite. Now she is really regretting it and has decided to keep her sisterlocks. Thanks to blogsites like yours, that has sincerely inspired her to continue with her journey. She told me that she couldn't take it anymore and just had to keep them. Thanks for always sharing such great info and not abandoning your beautiful hair journey.

dewdrop said...

@Khandi: Thanks! Yes, I had different locs over the years, but I never really mentioned it because at the time I was indecisive about having them. So it was a journey within itself to start and restart them so many times.

@Cheleski: Thanks!

@Lady B: So she had taken out some of her locs? Oh my, I hope it wasn't an impulsive decision (i've done that before and it's the easiest way for regret to creep in). Well i'm glad that she has decided to keep her SLs and that she feels inspired to continue her journey. Let her know that i've done the same thing before a few times, but braided them back up in the end when I decided to keep them. I am thankful for lovely ladies like you who are so encouraging and inspire me to enjoy my hair journey. Thank you! :-)

Leslie said...

I came across your blog this morning. It's sooo great! I'm starting locs tomorrow. Feeling a little anxious, but I love seeing your journey!I'm sure I'll be coming back to your site a lot now!

NubianLockedPrincess said...


Buvawala said...

Wow wow wow. You have a well documented interesting journey. I love your hair.

Khrissy Prissy said...

I just diy bradelocz into my head on the first of March 2013 so I'm a newbie for real. This is my second attempt and I an in a different head space this time and will be sticking with them this go round. I plan to tighten them every month or two depending on how they grow. Really glad you have this site with info.

dewdrop said...

@Leslie: Congratulations on starting your loc journey! You will be just fine and as long as you're ready and planned out everything then there's nothing to be anxious about. :-)

@NLP: Thank you so much and I will!

@Buvawala: Thank you!

@KP: Congratulations on starting your loc journey!! I encourage you to embrace your journey, enjoy each stage, and to be patient with the process as your locs grow and mature. It sounds like you have a great maintenance plan and i'm sure that you'll be just fine. :-)

nitsy said...

Hello I love your locs!!

I’ve been on and off the idea of locs for years now..... But ironically watching your clip of 'unlocking' may have just persuaded me.

Over the years you have had some thin locs, do you think they can be too thin? I saw a loctician yesterday and she said my twists were too thin if I wanted to start them this way.....

I'm concerned my hair will thin out if I start locs or have them too thin.

Do you think that interlocking would be the best method?

Thank you for inspiration

dewdrop said...

Hello Nisty. Thank you! I have read that if you plan to have thin/micro/small locs, then interlocking is the best method to use. Try interlocking first and see how that works for you.