March 16, 2013

Second Style on Short Locs

 The high bun is one of my favorite styles, so I tested it out on my short locs to see if it would work.  At first I thought that my locs might have been too short to create this bun, but then I realized that it would work out just fine in the end despite having a few short locs poking out.


Khrissy Prissy said...

Hi dewdrop. I love the cut and the bun is super cute! You are right they do look healthier now. Love the fact that you were bold enough to just let the length go. I'm starting my loc journey. I'm 2 weeks into my micro bradelocz journey. I hope mine come out as pretty as yours when they eventually loc. P.S. You're super beautiful!

dewdrop said...

Hi KP!

Thank you so much! Congrats on starting your journey and enjoy each stage as they mesh, condense and grow. Your locs will come out gorgeous and I can't wait to see them mature!

PSLoveCharli said...

Oooo I needed this! thanks so much. started my journey 3 months ago and my hair is shrinking majorly!

thanks for sharing:) xo


dewdrop said...

@PSLC: You're welcome! Congrats on starting your journey!