June 15, 2013

How to Take Down Locs

I spent most of December (3 weeks) removing my 113 traditional latched locs.  I worked on roughly 5 locs per day and took my time.  I made sure to start in the front and work my way to the back while covering up the front with a hair tie during the winter time.  It was a lot of work when I had to take down my double dragons, but when I reached my combined parts then it became easier because they were bigger.  In other news, I am looking forward to starting my new braidlock journey, so stay tuned for that video. :-)


Manecoarse said...

Great video. Thank you.

NAAN POCEN said...

Is this you saying you no longer wear locs or....? Yours is the reason I wear locs today!!

Queenlocks said...

WOW! I hope you will enjoy your new natural hair journey. :)
I took down my first set. It took me three weeks. At this point I am not interested in taking my locs down.
Happy Birthday Dewdrop!

dewdrop said...

@Manecoarse: Your screen name is so cute! Thanks you!

@NaanP: I started my braidlock journey and that video is coming, so don't worry, I am still wearing locs. I just had a back log of videos to upload of my loc hiatus. :-)

@Queen: Your locs are gorgeous!! I've started a new braidlock journey so stay tuned for that video. Thanks for the b-day wishes!

Cheleski aka KnottyAuthor Kicken The Truth said...

wow...im working on my video stuff too, how ironic!!!! good stuff lady! ive been wondering how you're doing out there! :P

dewdrop said...

@Cheleski: That's great! It does take time to put together these videos, so I completely understand. I've been sitting on them for too long and needed to start posting them. I'm doing well otherwise and enjoying my journey!

Lady Butterfly said...

Wow! You did a great job taking down your locks. We look forward to what's next. No matter what you decide!!!

Olusola said...

Wow! Our loc journey is so similar. I took down my ~100 locs just after thanksgiving last year and after 6 months of "free hair",I'm ready to get my locs back. Only problem is I can't decide on size and whether to palm roll or interlock this time. Wondering which one has an effect on hair loss.

Eagerly watching your new journey & hoping to make up my mind soon :)

dewdrop said...

@LB: Thank you!
@Olusola: It does sound very similar. Well, regardless of which method you choose to maintain your locs with, just know that hair loss is caused by many different factors, some of which may not be related to our maintenance method. However, I would encourage you to remember to not over tighten or over twist your locs in order to prevent weakened routes. . I have been interlocking my new growth and making sure that I don't over tighten my locs in the process. :)

DeeUK said...

Hi Dewdrop,
While you were taking down your locs, did you come across any gunk or buildup 'within' your locs? I have had latched micro locs for 7 years now and decided recently to take them down.
I have taken down 5 so far and the gunk and build up I found is frightening.
I have always taken good care of my locs (silk scarves or pillow cases, frequent washing, use of only light oils) I am so disappointed and disgusted.
I feel that the gunk is making me lose more hair than I should be during the take down process. (I wet and condition each lock before I start taking it down)

How do you suggest I handle this? Is there a way to dissolve all the gunk before I continue?

Thanks for your time!

Dewdrop said...

Hello DeeUK,

I haven't come across any gunk or buildup only because I didn't use any products in my hair (i.e. oil, gel, etc) other than shampoo and a light leave-in hair moisturizer on my scalp. I've read that an apple-cider-vinegar rinse will loosen up debris in your locs and possible dissolve some of the gunk. Give it a try and see if that helps. Also remember that you will have lots of shedding when you're locs are removed. I hope that helps!

DeeUK said...

Thanks Dewdrop! Will give that a try.