August 06, 2013

Natural Hair Puff

I've posted pictures of the different styles I wore (puffs, twists, and plaits) since i've taken down my locs.  I pretty much wore my hair this way for 6 months (Jan-June 2013) until I decided to loc up again. 

-Washed napps weekly with Alaffia shampoo and conditioner
-Moisturized napps with coconut oil
-Made bantu knots nightly & wore a knot-out daily
-Always finger combed & broke a few hair clips
-I rarely combed/picked out my hair and only my ends tangled after wearing bantu knot-outs for a week.







(preparation for bantu knot-out)



Kreyola said...

Your hair looked amazing!!! This is why I don't want to lock my daughter hair just yet. I want her to enjoy and style her hair first, before taking the plunge. Wear did you get your accessories from? I especially like the blue bow!

spocksgal said...

Lovely pics, you look still look great!

Denny from Nappturality

Cheleski said...

I saw the pics on nappturality, so i came a runnin. love it all and excited to see your new journey as well. i hope you follow me on mine!

Naturally Sophia said...

Hey Kalia!!!!!!!!! Missed you girl. Why did you decide to lock again?

Felicia said...

You are rockin' your natural hair!! All of your hairstyles are beautiful!!! God bless you and continue to 'do you'!!

dewdrop said...

@Kreyola: Thank you! I think that's a very smart decision because I enjoyed my loose hair first before locking. You also give her the opportunity to become acquainted with the beauty and texture of her hair, so you go! Some of my hair ties are pieces of fabric i've had for years, and the blue one is from a rummage sale.

@Denny: Thanks!

@Cheleski: Thank you! I am following yours and I am playing catch up with all the updates on blogger and NP since I was away for some time. ;-)

@NS: Hi!!! I decided to lock again because I really enjoy wearing locs, and there is something about them that is so uniquely beautiful. I missed that.

@Felicia: Thank you! God bless you too!

Cheleski of The Knotty Truth said...

unique is a golden way to put it. i didnt feel unique being loose. I felt like I was a part of a crowded network. Locks are so amazing and beautiful to me as well.

Queenlocks said...

Looking Good. Nice, Very Nice! :)
Have a wonderful Summer!

Take Care~

Fi said...

Hi I've been checking regularly to see your braidlocs. Can't wait to see them. I'm in the process of putting mine in and hope I'm doing it right. Thank you for all your generosity. Fi

dewdrop said...

@Cheleski: LoL at 'crowded network' because I know what you mean. Your comment made me smile today, so thank you!

@QL: Thanks!

@Fi: That's wonderful and I can't wait to see what yours will look like!

NubianLockedPrincess said...

Dew Drop! Your loose hair is gorgeous! I was too impatient to take my locs down to enjoy my loose hair while it was loose! I finished locking my hair in July. I'am very happy!
I see you had lots of fun! I look forward to seeing you baby locs ,,