November 06, 2013

Healthy Hair & A Pretty Puff

It feels so good to wear my puff again!  I mentioned in my last post some reasons for ending my BL journey, so in case you need a refresher feel free to read it.  Over a 5 month period I have had so much new growth and I'm surprised by my length when it's stretched.  It's 12 +/- inches long as compared to when I first wore my puff in January.  My hair is still thick and very full, and that's one quality which I love about my natural tresses.  So far I've been wearing a puff and I've decided to change my regimen since I would like to keep my hair healthy, strong, and moisturized.  

I still wash my hair with Alaffia's Liquid Black Soap Shampoo and I switched to a new conditioner. It's Trader Joe's Nourish Spa Balanced Moisturizing Conditioner and it has a pleasant scent.  Since I have skin sensitivities I had to make sure their ingredients were safe for me to use, and I've posted them below.  My hair is responding well to this conditioner so far, and if it continues at this rate then it might become my staple product.

Post Wash 

-Spritz with Aloe-Vera Juice and Water Mix (1:1 ratio) as my leave-in conditioner/moisturizer
-Part my hair into 6-8 large sections
-Moisturize each section with coconut oil
-Make large twists and let them air dry over night.

I finger comb my hair in the shower and twist it up when i'm done, that way I don't need to de-tangle my hair with a comb or anything.

Night Routine
At night I'll wrap my puff with a big satin scarf, or sometimes I'll make large twists.

Day Routine  
Each morning I will remove my scarf, finger fluff my puff or untwist my large twists and finger comb my hair, and then I'll wear one of my hair ties.


-Finger comb more often and refrain from using my wide tooth comb in the shower
-Keep my regimen simple
-Retain length and protect my edges  
-I would like to try the L.O.C. method (Liquid-Oil-Cream) and I've purchased a few oils already
(Avocado, Sweet Almond, Castor, and Vitamin E).  I plan to use these oils to seal in moisture and give my hair the nutrients that are needed.  I'll keep you updated once I have my oils and begin the process, and hopefully this will be an addition to my current regimen.


CaribSun said...

Your hair looks lovely Dewdrop. I am often tempted to cut off my locks and go back to my short Afro. So far I've resisted.

Dewdrop said...

@ CaribSun: Thank you! If there is one thing we've all learned when it comes to hair, it's that it's best not to do anything impulsively, lol! Your locks are beautiful!

NubianLockedPrincess said...

Congrats to you! Enjoy your journey!

Lady Butterfly said...

Your hair looks beautiful as always!!! The most beautiful thing about it is that no matter what it is YOUR BEAUTIFUL NATURAL HAIR. I know that you will have great info coming our way.

Dewdrop said...

@NLP: Thank you!
@ Lady B: Thank you so much!