November 06, 2013

Senegalese Twists on My Locs

 On my trip to Jamaica, I saw several women wearing Senegalese twists and I thought they were absolutely beautiful.  I had never worn this style before and I've always wanted to give it a try, so when I returned from my trip I started the process of adding extension hair to my 1.5 month old braid locks.  The process took a long time, but since it was summer vacation I didn't mind.  Initially I kept them long for about 2 weeks, and then I cut them much shorter because it was quite warm during the month of August.  I kept these twists in for 2 months and only interlocked my new growth once.  I made sure to keep these twists small so that it would be easier to loop them through my new growth. I also used perm rods to dip the ends and my curls held up quite well.  I had quite a bit of new growth and the style was no longer a short bob, plus it was time to take them down. They were fun while they lasted and I received many compliments.


Queenlocks said...

Wow, your twists are pretty!

This is somewhat the concept of my ext. braidlocs. I braided the ext. over my 4 month braidlocs. and I kept them in, and retightened my new growth... After 2yrs. I took the ext. down.

I also saw your latest post. If you are happy with your afro/loose hair, in the end "THAT" is what matters! I am taking a blog-break.
No new pics at this time.

Take care Kalia~

Dewdrop said...

@Queen: Thank you! I really appreciate your encouragement!