December 30, 2013

My 10 Year Nappiversary!!!

I'm celebrating my 10th year of being relaxer-free and wearing my hair naturally!!!  I can't believe that I have reached this  milestone in my life and the journey has been incredible!   I celebrated this occasion by pampering myself in different ways.  I've been following a new regimen that includes a few new products and so far it seems to be working well for me.  As I continue my natural hair journey, I aim to keep my hair healthy and strong.  I praise God for this experience and I know that it will on get even better! 
I was invited to a Christmas concert held by my former community choir, and I kept my look classic with a red and black theme.  I wore red skinny jeans, knee high black suede boots that made me even taller, a red shawl over my black ribbed sweater and simple accessories.  I even wore lipstick that I made myself.  The recipe can be found on my beauty blog:  I received so many compliments and I felt great!

I rocked a fro-hawk during finals week of my grad program, and so many of my peers were in awe of how I could wear my hair this way.  Oh the beauty of our gravity defying tresses. :-D  This style was achieved on a braid-out  (the first time) and then on a bantu-knot out (the second time). With the first one I made 6-8 large plaits after washing my hair, and allowed them to air dry.  I've found that when I do this then my hair stretches even more making it easier to pull the sides up and bobby pin them into place.


Twists on stretched hair before shrinkage:

Twists after shrinkage:

For New Year's I made mini-twists on stretched hair after wearing an old puff, and I was surprised by how much new growth I had.  They felt light, airy and very full.  Two days later I rinsed them and major shrinkage transformed the style into a cute bob.  I wore this shrunken state for maybe two more days because my hair tangles easily and tends to lock quickly.  In fact, signs of entanglement had begun to show so I untwisted each one.  The take down process was much faster than putting them in obviously.  Below are some pics of the finished twists up close. 


I changed things up a bit by adding twisted side bangs with my puff.  I think I might wear more twisted bangs in order to preserve my hair line, and I need to sew a few more hair ties since this blue one is my default color choice no matter what I wear.

New Regimen: Here is my new regimen.  After I wash and condition my hair i'll spritz aloe vera juice all over, and then seal in the moisture with my oil mixture using:

1 oz. Vitamin E
1 oz. Castor Oiil
1 oz. Avocado Oil
1 oz. Sweet Almond Oil

My hair will dry quickly once these oils have been absorbed.  My hair feels slightly moisturized, and even more so when I spritz it with water.  I'm so glad that it doesn't feel as dry either.


Cheleski's DIY Sisterlocks said...

PHew! Great updates! you made me realize that I hit a decade too! lol! I transitioned all of 03 and BC Jan 04! Oh wow! Congrats! Love that fro hawk and the Twists! Everything is cute!!!!

Hunny-Pot said...

Your hair looks stunning!!! I'm currently on the same path and I cut all my hair off. =) it's now about 2-3 inches long. I've been looking for a hair regimen that will bring back former thickness and density. Do you have anymore suggestions?

Dewdrop said...

@Cheleski: Thank you! Congrats to you as well on reaching your 10th year!

@Hunny-Pot: Thanks!! Congrats to you on starting your natural journey. As your going through your physical transition, remember that it's also a mental transition. Honestly, the best thing to do is to let your hair grow out, because there isn't a magic product that will give you thickness and density. As long as you keep your hair moisturized and healthy, then it's possible for your natural thickness and density to return. However, it will take time but you'll begin to notice sparse areas filling in again.

Felicia said...

Happy New Year & Happy 10th Natural Anniversary to you!! Lovin' your fro hawk. You continue to inspire me and remind me to enjoy my beautiful God-given hair. I spent too many years ashamed of my kinky-curly texture. Finding your blog helped to embrace my hair. Thank you again. This is my 5th year with locs. I am currently enjoying my DIY journey thanks to you. God bless you and keep you this 2014.

Dewdrop said...

@Felicia: Thank you!! Congrats to you on reaching your 5th year mark as well! God bless.


It's a long time loose natural still beautiful!

Dewdrop said...

@BG: Thank you!!

Cheleski of The Knotty Truth said...

How your hair coming along?

Dewdrop said...

Hi Cheleski!

My hair is doing great. I haven't posted updates due to my busy schedule, but I have been tracking my journey with pictures that I hope to post sooner than later. My hair is healthy, strong, and growing. Thanks for asking!

Leeann Edwards said...

I'm wanting to start my dreads wats the best way I like how ur hair ends aren't poofy and they are small wats best approach

Dewdrop said...

@Leeann: First it's best to research what kind of locking method would interest you the most (i.e. twists, plaits, interlocks, free-form, etc.) and learn about the kind of maintenance that is required for each method. Then you will have a better idea as to what approach would work best for you and your hair.