December 12, 2015

12-Yr. Nappiversary and 2-Yr. Lockversary!

Hi family!  It feels so good to be back again!  I've taken a much needed two-year hiatus from blogging because I went through so many changes that required much of my time.  The good news is that during that season I was able to shift my focus and experience personal growth in different areas of my life.  I've missed all of you and I've been longing to reconnect with my naptural family again.  When I had some free time, I visited your blogs and vlogs to stay abreast on how you've been.  :)  I have updates for you and I've posted plenty of pics below for you to enjoy!

I have been natural for 12 years!!

Lock Journey 
In January 2014, I made the decision to lock my hair again.  Wearing my loose napps for one year (2013) was a fun experience, however I missed wearing my locs.  I began my research online for a locktician, since I wanted them professionally started, and I found a wonderful lady on Yelp who started and maintained a variety of locs.  Yes, I'm a risk taker.  Her portfolio is amazing and after conversing with her for a while, I had her install my locs.  I showed her a photo of what I wanted, which were very small interlocks, and she installed them for me.  She did a phenomenal job!

Loc Stats
She installed my locs on my 10-12 inches of virgin hair.  Since then I became a DIYer and maintained my locs by interlocking my new growth.  I requested to have very small locs so that I could combine them later as needed.  She parted them in such a way that would allow me to maintain evenly parted spaces and rows if I ever decided to combine them in the future.  This is a current photo of what they look like, and in this pic I'm wearing a cornrow braidout.
For the first year: 
  • I hadn't counted my locs 
  • I've been wearing my natural hair color
  • Used my nappyloc tool for retightenings  
  • Braided and banded my locs every time I washed them
  • I'd worn them freestyle for the first 6 months
  • Washed them with Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Shampoo (my favorite!)
  • Spritzed my locs with Aloe Vera Juice post-wash
For the second year:
  • Simple routine - washed 1x/wk with Shea Moisture shampoo
  • Used my nappyloc tool for retightenings  
  • I had worn more curly styles 

2 Year Lockversary
My 2 year lockversary is next month and my locs have matured nicely.  I felt ready to combine most of my locs, so I used my new latch hook to join most of them together.  It was a good idea to request smaller sized locs, so that I could combine them later on.  I'm glad that my locktician parted my hair in such a way where my root bed and spacing would still be even after joining them.  Now I can enjoy the process of watching my locs grow out a little bigger than their previous size.  See, that is what I enjoy about having my locs; I can try new things, change things up a bit, and explore wearing different sizes.  It's a journey and it's all good. :)    

Photo Timeline
Below I've posted a photo timeline of my first two years of being locked: 

Install and Months 1-6
(left): Installation ----  (right): 1 month
(left): 3 months ----  (right): 5 months
(left): DIY fresh reti ----  (right): 6 months
Months 7-12
(left and right): 7 months

(left and right): 11 months
(left and right): 12 months
Year 2 (Months 13-24)

(left): 13 months ----  (right): 15 months

(left): 22 months ----  (right): 23 months

In my next post, I'll update you with more info about my newly combined locs along with some photos.  I've enjoyed wearing my little locs and watching them expand and mature.  Now I'm ready for them to be a little bigger and strengthen my root bed in some areas, since they have grown longer.


Paula Malimba said...

Hey Dewdrop! Nice to see you back.
Missed you and your advice. You have been very busy in the past 2 years, I see, your locks look great and looking forward to follow this new journey.

Kittylocks said...

Its wonderful to see you back again and to see your gorgeous locks. I shall be watching your future progress, Kittylocks x

NubianLockedPrincess said...

I was just thinking about you! I'am so happy you are back and locked up! Looking forward to seeing your post! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Dewdrop said...

Thank you ladies! I wish everyone of you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year as well! :-)

beast bryce said...

Welcome home!!!! Glad you're back.

Reba said...

Welcome back Dewdrop & happy New Year!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, welcome back! I'm more on Pinterest now but come to visit me fav blogs. Your locks look wonderful and congrats on your degree!!!!


Yetunde said...

Nice to see you back; I've been checking your website ever so often hoping for an update. Look forward to hearing more of your journey.

Sister Locked Bajan said...

Hey Dewdrop,
It's really good to have you back in this space. Look forward to new advice and new ideas. Happy New Year.

Dewdrop said...

Thank you so much everyone! It's great to re-connect with all of you again and may this year bring many new and exciting changes!

Cheleski68 aka KnottyAuthor said...

Your journey looks amazing.My journey is more offline now as well, but it's just as amazing. Your locks are beautiful!

Pink said...

Great to see you back, I have been checking the blog for updates for a very long time! Welcome back!!

Krystal Bilberry said...

Hello. What made you decide to start your second locs with interlocks instead of the braids? I'm thinking of installing braidlocs so I want to know what you like and don't like about interlocks and braidlocs since you've started with both before. Thanks!

Dewdrop said...

@ Cheleski and Pink: Thank you!
@Krystal: I discuss some of the benefits and challenges of having interlocks and braidlocs throughout my blog (click on the categories under labels and you'll find them). For the most part my interlocks stayed more intact than when my I had my BLs, which unraveled quite a bit in the beginning and bunched up way too much.