March 20, 2016

Combined Locs

One year after my loc installation I counted 580+ locs all over my head.  I had requested smaller locs to be installed w/ the intention of combining them later, which I had done around my 2 year mark.  If you start with smaller locs and gradually combine them over time to achieve having bigger locs, then the process may be easier than starting with bigger locs and trying to split them and make them smaller later on.

My DIY Reti's were shorter in the beginning, but as my locs grew longer so did my reti sessions, and some of my locs naturally married together since my hair is thick and dense.

My newly combined locs have allowed me to keep up with my reti's since my hair grows quickly, and I tighten them every 1-2 months with my nappylocs tool and latch hook.  After a few loc journeys, getting to know my hair, and how it matured once it locked up, I knew exactly what to expect with this journey and I proceeded with combining my locs.  They are still small but a little bigger than their initial size in some areas.

2-HeadedDragons: I plan to keep my two headed dragons, and  I do not have plans to combine them or cut them off.  At one point I had also taken down a few locs on one side of my head just to play with my loose hair, and then I two strand twisted them back to re-loc my hair once again.

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